Honda Activa Scooter


Here are just going to talk about the pros and cons of Honda Accord, because you already know it’s one of the leading scooters in terms of overall sales and It’s a huge trendsetter in India even for scooter segment. Accord is definitely one of your best choice, if you are budgeting for a dependable scooter. There are plenty of options available in the segment and the competition has become really tough. The first thing you need to look at when you’re buying is the price and that depends a lot on your budget.

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The pricing of these types of scooters is extremely competitive, so you should always go for one with the same base price. In most cases, they come under a hundred dollars and there’s no doubt that’s not cheap. So that leaves only one question, what do you get for that price? Of course, we’re talking about the durability, the performance, the looks and the accessories. If you’re looking at the cons of this deal, the only thing is that it comes with an extended warranty, and unfortunately it doesn’t cover everything.

Honda is probably the world’s largest maker of lawn tractors and the company itself is working hard to make sure that its products have good reliability in the market. Honda makes a name for itself in the field of manufacturing quality lawn tractors and their vehicles are always the most reliable, fuel-efficient and long-lasting ones. That’s why many people prefer to buy a Honda vehicle. However, despite all the popularity of Honda vehicles, the Honda brand is yet to make a mark in the automobile segment, and that’s not without reason. In the case of activa, Honda doesn’t quite manage to earn the high marks it boasts of in the lawn tractor segment, but then again, it comes with a huge price tag to prove it all. This means that if you are planning on buying a vehicle from activa, then you’d better be prepared to cough out quite a bit of money for it.

With the Honda activa, you won’t find exceptional quality and great performance here, but instead you’ll see mediocre performance mixed with excellent pricing. For starters, the Honda activa isn’t equipped with a front brake nor does it offer any good handling, but what it does have is good brakes and a good chassis. In fact, the Honda igna is pretty competent when it comes to stopping power, although you might feel a little slower at higher speeds. It’s performance comes across well in all directions too, but the real weak point of the Honda in is its lack of ability to handle twisty roads very well, since certain scooters parts do not suit it very well. On the other hand, the scooters that are made by Reebok, Fit, and Motosport just wouldn’t cut it as far as front brake and handling capabilities go, especially with those big three being big name brand names. However, the Honda activa still manages to hold its own, albeit it could use a bit more work when it comes to handling.

Another issue with the Honda activa is that the engine is a little noisy, with some reports claiming that it could be loud enough to wake the dead. The car also has a small gas tank, but since it offers a decent speed, it won’t really affect your overall gas mileage too much. With regards to the mpg, it averages about 25 mpg on the streets, although it can go higher depending on how you use the car. It also offers decent handling so that it won’t feel like it’s dragging you around unlike some scooters in the market today that are more awkward to handle.One thing good about the Honda activa 125 is the excellent warranty that comes with it, which is inclusive of collision damage only. Although this feature alone is not too impressive, it does mean that you’ll be able to get a new one if anything happens to the old one. So in essence, the Honda activa 125 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a scooter that performs well, handles well, and is reasonably priced. Considering how much mileage it can get, you should be able to easily save up to $1000 depending on how often you drive the car.